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Boy Nino Productions is a film and documentary company that is passionate about portraying characters. We craft relatable narratives about unique individuals and their relationships with others. Whether it is a fictional story or a documentary, our focus is always on our characters and how they impact the world around  them through different types of interactions and connections.

We are a young company looking to grow our content. From features to short films to documentaries, we aspire to do it all. We possess an "artists first" mentality. Boy Nino Productions believes that if you provide filmmakers with the space to create their personal vision, the end result will be truly unique. Using their experience in the current entertainment industry, our filmmakers are eager to share the stories of the characters they portray through their own personal lenses.

Elias Posada - Producer

Elias Posada - Producer



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Stormie is the story of an adopted, Hispanic teenager who wants to find his place in the world. After leaving his family and experiencing gang life, jail, and finding his birth mother, he realizes he may have left the place he belonged all along.

Stormie is our biggest project to date. We are currently in the development phase of this project and are raising funding. We have partnered with The Filmmakers Collaborative, a non-profit that supports independent filmmakers. If you would like to donate or get more information about our project please visit the link below! All donations are 100% tax deductible. 




Colonias (Documentary) (Post Production)   

Colonias (Documentary) (Post Production)


Colonias is a documentary film about life in very small, unregulated towns along the US/ Mexico border. These communities are filled will families that not only live in tenuous conditions, but now they must worry about their futures as Americans.


Boy Nino (Short Film) (2015)

Connor McCurdy and Elias Posada’s dreamlike short is about how random meetings can color our darkest or most difficult hours in a new and poignant light. There is blood, murder, a runaway boy, sweeping views of the Santa Ynez Valley, and one mysterious and powerful caged black rabbit.
— Santa Barbara Independent

Other Projects:

Untitled Heroine (Documentary) (Production)

Chase Me - Candace Bellamy (Music Video) (2017)

Undone - Candace Bellamy (Music Video) (2016)

Stormie (Short Documentary) (2016)

Moonshiner LIVE at SLO Brew (Documentary) (2014)

The Visitation (Short Film) (2013)

Resurgence of Nina (Web Series) (2012)

Close to Darkness (Short Film) (2012)

When Day is Done (Short Film) (2012)

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